How is your Mind?

In the first three years of PRÓ-VIDA, Dr. Celso Charuri showed his Cause to his friends.
He knew that others would come and that his teachings would give a superior reason of life to those who also wanted to defend, by means of the example, the purpose of building and teaching how to build a Much Better World. 

PRÓ-VIDA is honored to edit and offer this compilation of texts that Dr. Celso Charuri dictated for PRÓ-VIDA Newsletters of 1981 and January 1982, transcripts of excerpts from his classes and speeches, as well as students’ notes in situations they experienced with him. This set of texts includes those that were published in the section “To The Friends In PRÓ-VIDA” during 2020.

How is your Mind? - Part 1

Collection of 13 texts dictated by Dr. Celso Charuri for the PRÓ-VIDA Newsletters from 1981 to January 1982.

December 17, 1979

Text dictated by DR. CELSO CHARURI to be sent to the students. He consented that year to the title “The

February, 1981 Newsletter

The behavior of today’s man attests to his poorness of knowledge regarding the life factor. So, modern man spends his whole life dying and, at the end, becomes afraid of

June, 1981 Newsletter

As new experiences occur, the brain assimilates new elements to fill its storage capacity. This material will be used as

December, 1981 Newsletter

How is your mind? It must be confused! After all, the house is full. All seats are taken, there are no empty spaces.

August, 1981 Newsletter

THE DILEMMA OF GIVING THANKS At the hours of the day when a planetary conjunction determines the day of birth of a Teacher,

How is your Mind? - Part 2

Excerpts from Dr. Celso Charuri’s lectures and participant’s notes about situations lived with him.

July 18, 1979

As we reach an objective, we always want to reach another, and such is the Life process. In Life, either

August 18, 1979

Is there anything in the universe more wonderful than Patience? Isn’t time itself Patience? And who overcomes time, if not

November 30, 1979

Dr. Celso, talking about Feeling, simulates a person’s meditation: “What do I seek…? “You know, my God, I look at

December 12, 1979

Is there a dose of Love? Can Love be given in doses? Love has no dose. It is the total

December, 1981

Not having Courage is not having knowledge. In principle, not having Courage is not having knowledge or having insufficient knowledge. Courage comes from

November 17, 1981

Many fatalities happen and hurt profoundly, deep in some point that still finds resistance. What could it be that makes the pain? What

How is your Mind? - Part 3

Excerpts from classes, speeches by Dr. Celso Charuri and notes from friends of conversations with him, selected for the section “To the Friends in PRÓ-VIDA” published in 2020.

December 8, 1979

Excerpt from the speech made by Dr. Celso Charuri at the Donation Ceremony of the General Center for the Tithe

December 19, 1980

Make your time here in PRÓ-VIDA count, as well as the time you are on the face of the Earth.

December 8, 1979

Excerpt from the speech given by Dr. Celso during the solemnity of donation of the Central Geral do Dízimo to

December 21, 1979

We were recalling what will be, by what is now. We were recalling the present that will be, in the

Suddenly, you become aware…

Suddenly, you become aware of the beast that is within you. In that instant… In that instant, when you discover the beast within

October 24, 1981

You saw, guys, that when people have good will, and all it takes is good will, things work out. (…) It seems like

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