Privacy Policy

of PRÓ-VIDA Association and other Associations members of the
PRÓ-VIDA Movement

This data privacy policy (¨Policy”) was established to inform how PRÓ-VIDA Association, the General Center for the Tithe, Dr. Celso Charuri Associations, PRÓ-VIDA Clubs and PRÓ-VIDA Cooperative, members of the PRÓ-VIDA Movement, use and process Personal Data. It also informs how You, a participant, may have access to, update, limit or delete your Personal Data.

PRÓ-VIDA Association and above-mentioned Associations, members of the PRÓ-VIDA Movement, shall be jointly referred to hereunder as “Associations” or “We” and by its derivations us or ours and, individually, as “Association”. The terms you, yours are used as a reference to “You”, participant.

PRÓ-VIDA Cosmic Integration or simply PRÓ-VIDA is an idea that encompasses a philosophical, mental and spiritual Movement conceived and founded by Dr. Celso Charuri.

All Associations members of the Movement are independent but ideally and philosophically related to PRÓ-VIDA Association – a non-profit organization with seat in São Paulo/SP, at Rua Orobó n°100 and are authorized to use PRÓ-VIDA’s or its founder’s name, provided they remain related.

Decisions and deliberations of these Associations shall always abide by PRÓ-VIDA Association’s guidelines and directions, and data from their participants’ data are related to the extent of their respective memberships.

Pursuant to the principles taught by Dr. Celso Charuri and fully in compliance with statutory provisions, deposits made on behalf of PRÓ-VIDA’s General Center for the Tithe are voluntary and anonymous before it. Information on deposits shall be transferred from a financial institution to the General Center for the Tithe as anonymous data and shall be published as such on the site for review by interested parties.

PRÓ-VIDA Association and Associations members of the PRÓ-VIDA Movement, from their outset, shall treat with confidentiality any Personal Data they process, according to directions from Dr. Celso Charuri and subject to applicable laws, rules and security standards.


Personal Data collection, processing and usage

Personal Data shall be any information related to an indentified or identifiable individual, including, but not limited, to name, gender, date of birth, ID (RG), Tax ID (CPF), marital status, profession, telephone number, physical and electronic addresses, as well as biometric data, such as a headshot.

This data shall be provided by You, when You interact with us face to face, online or through the telephone.

We also collect account login information to give You access to your specific account profile (user password) and technical information about the computer/mobile device You use to access our site or applications, such as the IP address used to connect your computer or device to the Internet, the type of operational system, as well as the type and version of web browser. If You access PRÓ-VIDA’s and/or its member Associations’ sites or applications using a mobile device, such as a smartphone, any information collected shall also include, if permitted, the exclusive telephone ID and other similar data from the mobile device.

As You browse and interact with our site and applications, We use our technologies to automatically collect data to obtain certain information about your actions. This includes information on which pages and content You visit and for how long, and other similar information and statistics about your interactions, including response time and download content or errors. This information shall be collected using automated technologies, such as cookies.

Children and teenagers are allowed to take part in some of our activities. Data and consent for participation of these minors shall have to be expressly provided by their parents or legal guardians. We do not collect data directly from minors.



Such data shall be collected and processed (used) for purposes of compliance with statutory, institutional, contractual and/or legal obligations; to allow your physical or virtual access to the Associations and to activities corresponding to your level of membership and participation; to allow You to receive information via push, WhatsApp, mailing list service or newsletters subscription service; to allow You to receive in your inbox, free of charge, most exciting news about activities organized by Associations related to PRÓ-VIDA.

We also use Personal Data to defend our legitimate interests, including safeguarding of the Associations, their participants and collaborators; to make community living easier; to improve and develop our communication with You and your browsing experience in our site and applications; to protect our systems and networks; and to prevent and solve technical and security problems in the identification and authentication procedures for registration and login, including to investigate, prevent and fight unlawful and fraudulent acts.


Data Transfer

Your Personal Data shall be shared among Associations members of the PRÓ-VIDA Movement solely for the following purposes: if required, to comply with legal, contractual or institutional obligations; to address a legitimate interest, including but not limited to the security of their members, to verify and check your identity and eligibility to access facilities or activities, or if your consent was granted.

PRÓ-VIDA, through PRÓ-VIDA Foundation, has presence abroad and its associations overseas shall have the right, as a security measure, to access your data to analyze your authorization to access physical facilities or to attend relevant face to face or virtual activities. These countries may have data protection laws and requirements different from those applicable in Brazil and new consents may be requested to You at the time of your visit to the Associations.

As applicable, if and when necessary due to statutory regulations, for protection of our rights, privacy, security or property, interest of our participants or compliance with administrative or court orders, your data may be transferred to other data controllers.


Personal Data storage

We use appropriate measures to keep your Personal Data confidential and secure. Such data shall only be accessed by collaborators who need to process it for the specific purpose for which it was collected and shall be stored in operational environments with reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

From time to time, We may request confirmation, update or provision of your data upon your enrollment with activities.

Data shall be retained during the period required to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or to comply with legal requirements.



Our collaborators and companies providing services on our behalf are bound to confidentiality obligations and shall comply with applicable data protection laws.

We shall take all technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the appropriate level of security to protect your data administered by us, in particular against unauthorized destruction, manipulation, loss, change or disclosure. Our security measures shall be constantly upgraded according to the state-of-the-art.

Your involvement in the security of your Personal Data is of utmost importance and, thus, We shall remind You of some procedures: keep your data updated; when creating an online account, make sure to choose a password difficult for others to figure out; never disclose your password to others; when sharing a computer or using it at a public space, never select the option to remember your login, email address or password and make sure to logout whenever you leave your computer.


Log Files

Every time You use the Internet your browser transfers information stored in log files. We shall retain log files during the period required by legal regulations and then we shall delete it. Log files required as evidence shall be retained until the respective claim is fully closed and may be passed on to investigators on a case-by-case basis. Log files shall also be used for analysis purposes (without IP or without full IP address).

The following specific information shall be saved in log files:

  • IP address (Internet protocol address) of the device used to access online information;
  • Internet address of the site from which online information was accessed (source URL or referrer URL);
  • Name of service provider used to access online information;
  • Name of files or information accessed;
  • Retrieval date, time and duration;
  • Amount of data transferred;
  • Operational system and information on the Internet browser used, including add-ons installed (e.g., Flash Player);
  • HTTP status code (e.g., “request successful” or “requested file not found”).


Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files saved in your computer when online information is visited. By accessing this online information again, your browser sends the cookies’ content back to the respective provider and, thus, allows for re-identification of the device. Cookies’ scanning allows us to design our online information in a manner optimal for You and makes it user friendly.

Deactivation and deletion of cookies

When You visit our web pages, You shall be expressly notified that cookies are being used. If You decide to block cookies, your browser allows you to deactivate and delete cookies at all times. To do so, please check your browser’s help features. However, this may render certain features unavailable. Note that deactivation and deletion of cookies for technical reasons may only be defined in the browser used for access. If You use a different browser or a different device, you shall have to deactivate or delete them again.

General overview of cookies used by us

In this section you shall find a general overview of the cookies We use.

a)  Absolutely necessary cookies

Certain cookies are required to allow us to provide our online information securely. This category includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cookies to identify or authenticate our users;
  • Cookies to temporarily save certain user input (e.g., content of an online form);
  • Cookies to save certain user preferences (e.g., search or language settings);
  • Cookies to save data to ensure unhindered video or audio reproduction.

b) Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to record user behavior (e.g., search queries, content accessed) to assess them statistically.


Web Analysis

We need statistical information on use of our online information to make it more user- friendly and to perform usage measurements. For such purpose, we use the web analytical tools described in this section.

Use profiles created by these tools using analytical cookies or assessing log files do not contain personal data. These tools do not use users’ IP addresses nor shorten them after securing them.

Suppliers of tools only process data as processors subject to our guidelines and not for their own purposes.

The cookies deactivation feature is linked to a device or browser and, thus, shall only be valid for the device or browser in use at the time. If You use several devices or browsers, You must deactivate all devices and all browsers used.

In addition, You may avoid creation of use profiles by deactivating cookies.



Within the scope of our online information You may sign up to receive newsletters, which are news bulletins sent by email. To do that We use an opt-in procedure, which means that We will only send You a newsletter by email after You have expressly confirmed activation of this service. If You no longer wish to receive newsletters You may cancel your subscription at any time by withdrawing your consent. To withdraw your consent, please click on this link, located at the end of the respective newsletter received by email.


Broadcast List

To organize and/or inform official PRÓ-VIDA activities, Associations may use a WhatsApp Broadcast List. If You wish to cancel this feature simply delete the Association’s number from your contacts list.


Push Notices

A push notice may be sent to inform You about any relevant news. To deactivate this service simply access your smartphone settings notices area, look for the application and disable receipt.


Your rights

At any time You may exercise the following rights with regard to your Personal Data processed by us: request access; edit, rectify, add or update, cancel subscription of any communication in case there is no further involvement with PRÓ-VIDA; request deletion of Personal Data (“right to be forgotten”); withdraw consent to process your Personal Data.

The above-mentioned rights shall be exercised upon request to PRÓ-VIDA’s data protection office by email to

The office shall also be able to clarify any doubts and provide any further information on how We process your Personal Data.



Deletion of your Data shall not affect the legality of data processed based on consent granted prior to withdrawal.

Pursuant to applicable laws, You may request deletion of your Personal Data. We may retain some pieces of your Personal Data to comply with legal, statutory or contractual obligations or to fulfill institutional requirements and/or our own legitimate interest.


Consent Withdrawal

Consent withdrawal or request to delete your Personal Data may imply restrictions or prevent your access, physical or virtual, to Associations and their respective activities, information and notices.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

We are reserved the right to change our Privacy Police at any time to better comply with legal requirements, to keep up to date with the state-of-the-art, to keep the confidentiality and protect your privacy. Changes shall be published on the website. Please check for the current version identified in the header of this document.

*To withdraw your consent as to the storage of cookies in your device, click the button below: