December 19, 1980

December 19, 1980

Make your time here in PRÓ-VIDA count, as well as the time you are on the face of the Earth. Give your life a sense of usefulness. Show yourself that you are evolving. And so, you will be helping to build a Much Better World. Don’t refuse what you can give to others. Be sympathetic with people who need what you can give. Give a good example. Night and day.  It’s as difficult to do this as it is to live the way you are living now, the way most people live out there. Except that, as difficulty goes, at least our way evolves and the other one takes you nowhere. Therefore, give a good example. Whenever you can, give a good example: a word, an example. Show that you are evolving. Wherever you are, try to be a Sun, try to radiate warmth. Feel like someone who has already evolved. And above all, don’t forget that vanity and pride can make everything go down the drain, all the time you’ve spent.

All of this is connected to the word Goodness, which teaches, that requires and leads you to the phenomenon, to… to the virtue… Goodness. And so it will be in a Much Better World. It only depends on each one.

Anything you know is only valid if you ARE what you know. It is no use having it; Being what you know – then it’s valid. In other words, TRANSFORM YOURSELF. Be the very expression… be the physical expression of the knowledge you have.

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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