December 21, 1979

December 21, 1979

We were recalling what will be, by what is now. We were recalling the present that will be, in the future that today is, in the past in which we live. We were recalling what the world will be like in a few years. We were recalling what our children will be like. Not me, who am 40 years old, or you, who are 70. What will our children be like? In what beautiful world might they live? A world without war, without hate, without race, without color; in a world of feeling, in a world of purity. What will it be like? How beautiful it will be!

But, seeing what will be, seeing the children of today that will be men tomorrow, seeing how they will conduct themselves, with all this we are going through in a Collective Unconscious, for them, creating a new Collective Mind, and even more: genetically introducing an alteration in the genetic code of all those who will be born from us. This nourishes. It nourishes and gives courage for the First Step. It’s to feel that… life will have an objective. Our life was not in vain.

I saw a world where there was no hate or sadness, they didn’t know wars, I didn’t see children crying. A world where they asked, “What’s poverty? What’s money?” A world… no falsehood, no envy. It was surprising to see what there wasn’t in that world. It was surprising to see what there wasn’t. I didn’t see divisions, or religions, or racism. Or betrayal, or passions. Or time! Goodbyes, waits, longing without hope, without seeking, without the like. Heat and rain, in that world, also weren’t there. Hunger, sickness, pain… Hunger, sickness, pain, they didn’t feel those. No angels or demons. No extremes. None obsessed with the impossible! They had equality from the Principle.

This is the world I saw. Logic ruling; yes, this was there, but… they were men! They were men! But it wasn’t the Earth. So, I decided to tell, to tell what I had seen.

And many didn’t believe. And I searched for the reasons why they don’t believe me. It isn’t a dream. But they said, “Fine! So we believe you. But it wasn’t the Earth!” Then I fixed upon a purpose: Of course! It can be the Earth!

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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