December 8, 1979

December 8, 1979

Excerpt from the speech made by Dr. Celso Charuri at the Donation Ceremony of the General Center for the Tithe to the hospital Santa Casa de Birigui

…and it was thinking and studying that one day we stopped and began to look at the sky. It was night. We saw a star, then another and another and another, till the millions and millions of stars that exist. Then, the mind left. Suddenly, we were no longer on Planet Earth. The mind was up there, seeing all that greatness.

Till we looked and saw a quite small ball, very beautiful on the outside. Blue, blue on the outside, but black on the inside. We know it is black on the inside because it’s Planet Earth. Blue on the outside, black on the inside. Looking at that greatness of the universe, we realized our size.

Who am I before all this? Who are you? Who are we? Crazy, utopians or idealists? Crazy for an ideal of a Much Better World.

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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