November 17, 1981

November 17, 1981

Many fatalities happen and hurt profoundly, deep in some point that still finds resistance.

What could it be that makes the pain?

What could it be that takes away the state of peace?

Even a big aspect of relative peace occurs to me: the peace that happens when satisfaction is given to all; the peace that happens when everyone is satisfied, as if the satisfaction that each one may feel weren’t conditioned to each one’s truth. And when everyone is satisfied within their truth, the one who fulfilled the demands of each one’s truth sees the environment serene, joyful – because of the satisfaction – and feels peace. It looks like it’s that peace that is conferred when you manage to make everything go well, when events are always in accordance with each one’s expectations. And from this satisfaction comes peace. But this peace isn’t the Peace. And how hard it is to find the other Peace!

Because it seems that this satisfaction that one manages in others is what gives us peace. It seems like a kind of windbreak, something that holds back the avalanche of dissatisfactions that exist against you, against anyone, when they want to promote peace. And you only realize the avalanche that exists, when you can’t maintain this peace, because of dissatisfaction – conflict, doubt… As if dissatisfaction weren’t just, as if conflict weren’t just.

(…) Whoever manages to penetrate the impenetrable that exists, can remain in a state of Peace, especially if one has the courage to face the avalanche, the windstorm; especially if they have the courage to assume the dissatisfaction of those around them, assume it as fruit of Justice.

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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