Donation Ceremony in Argentina


Donation Ceremony in Argentina

The donation made by the Central del Diezmo PRÓ-VIDA – Argentina was transmitted through digital means on Sunday, April 11, 2021. This Center has been working continuously since 1997, when a donation first took place in the city of Buenos Aires. An expression of noble and solid Ideals that continue to bear fruit over time.

Verónica Foreste de Insaurralde was in charge of the presentation and read the donation letter while emphasizing that

“united and in the same spirit of cooperation we can always try to build a Much Better World, regardless of the circumstances.”

– Verónica Foreste

Three representatives of the entities that received a donation attended the ceremony and each one of them referred to the difficult times they are going through and expressed their gratitude.

“…It touches our hearts to know that there are many people who willingly do good for others,” said the representative of Hogar Abrazo Maternal of the city of Buenos Aires, while Alejandro González, on behalf of Bomberos Voluntarios, thanked PRÓ-VIDA for thinking about them who are another entity which is also made up of volunteers.

“…In difficult times such as these it is very comforting to receive this help to continue our work,” was part of another one of the speeches heard on Sunday afternoon. Then, live from San Martín de los Andes, Ms. Diana Ellis spoke the closing gratitude words when she said: “Thank you to all the people who through these donations allow us to give hope and provide a better service to our community.”

Then, Marcelo Landolfo spoke on behalf of PRÓ-VIDA. He reviewed our history, the reality of the world nowadays and concluded by saying that if we continue working, making a commitment to devote our lives to working for that new, different and better world, the door will open and

…it will exist forever, and we will cross it together. There we will meet again, we will give each other the embrace that we cannot today, we will walk through that door together, as friends, as brothers. We will be victorious because selfishness will have been defeated and the coming generations, we are sure, will tell our story. A story that, as I told you, began for us some time ago, when Dr. Celso opened the door to our hearts with his master key.”

– Marcelo Landolfo

The 10 benefited institutions were:

  • Hogar Abrazo Maternal of Buenos Aires,
  • Asociación Bomberos Voluntarios of Villars,
  • Sociedad de Bomberos Voluntarios y Primeros Auxilios of Vicente López,
  • Hogar Convivencial Casa Amaranta of Boulogne, Mujeres Adelante association of La Plata
    (all of them in the province of Buenos Aires)
  • Del Prado center and Instituto Santa Clara de Asís from the province of Entre Ríos,
  • Fundación San José Obrero of San Carlos de Bariloche,
  • cooperative associations of Hospital Ramón Carrillo of San Martín de los Andes and of Hospital Rural Trevelin in the department of Futaleufú.