October 24, 1981

October 24, 1981

You saw, guys, that when people have good will, and all it takes is good will, things work out.


It seems like the classes, the experiences, the conduct, the being together, the analysis one does of the other – unintentionally, even unconsciously – the fact that we are together, to see the other in the group, it seems like we unite. We notice the deficiencies of the others and the others notice ours. It seems like with the example given by each one, we end up correcting what’s wrong.

Then, one day when things are equated it’s easy for you to go to any of the mental levels of the different that exist out there, a world of differences and different. It doesn’t seem like it, but also this is the essence of philosophy. Once you know the whole musical scale played out there, it’s easy for you to tune in with anyone, just by understanding. And this will make the adaptation point in the environment. We will adapt in the environment much more easily, in any sector. I believe that in any activity. We just need to stop, think, put our minds to work: “How do I see it? I see it like this”. Then comes a time when you can say, “If it pleases me, it’ll certainly please them, because if it pleases the good wine connoisseur, I think that wine must be really good. It should please everyone’s taste”. This is good because it gives a vote of confidence to each one.

People should think, in a little while, in PRÓ-VIDA, exactly this. When someone gives you something to do, you say, “I’ll do it”. You can do it, and certainly yours will be the best. Because you’re a good wine taster, you know the nectar, and when you do it, certainly everyone will like it. And it’ll always be the best. For you it’ll be only a part, of course, after all you know the Whole. You are PRÓ-VIDA.

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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