April 8, 1981

April 8, 1981


In Autumn, when the fruits abandon the trees that gave them birth and cast themselves onto the ground…

In Autumn, when green leaves lose their lushness, and stop feeding the plant with their metabolism of ethereal nectar from solar radiation and abandon it…

In Autumn, when birds migrate to new lands, leaving silence and sadness around the trees that sheltered them during the good seasons, only to listen to their merry, festive singing and asking for nothing else…

In Autumn, when the very earth that benefited from its cool shade becomes dry and arid, denying nourishment…

In Autumn, when all those who admired and profited from its beauty also abandon it, the tree remains alive and serene. It doesn’t lose heart and waits. It knows its mission and doesn’t despair. It doesn’t hate or take revenge. It knows that, following humiliation, exaltation will come, and for that reason waits with stately Courage for Winter, which will cover it with gray, muddy clouds of humiliation, in a final attempt to destroy it.

Nevertheless, in its sap runs the Spirit of the Eternal, and this the tree well knows, is aware. And, in a passive, resigned attitude, it understands the ephemerality of the times.

Then, after these have passed, it sees a bud appear on its farthest branch, as if announcing the rewards for such great Courage. It is Spring that is arriving.

And, again, the earth goes back to giving it nourishment, the leaves come back in their green of Hope, birds come back to shelter in its branches and flowers and fruits adorning it and, at last, people admiring it. It is Glory, although transitory, too noble to be disdained.

In Autumn seasons, know how to imitate the tree.

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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