Baccarelli Institute – São Paulo, SP

Baccarelli Institute – São Paulo, SP


The Baccarelli Institute is a civil non-profit association that aims to provide musical and artistic education of excellence for children and young people in a vulnerable social situation, providing personal development and creating the possibility of professionalization.

In 2008, the General Center for the Tithe donated to the Baccarelli Institute Society of Concerts in São Paulo, a new headquarters in the Heliopolis community.

The building has five floors, with basement, ground floor, three floors and roof. The covered area is 2,252 m2, uncovered area 218 m2 and the outdoor area is 591 m2.

With the inauguration of the new building, the Institute began offering its students, the vast majority coming from the Heliopolis area, suitable conditions for professional music training.

Vocational Schools

Vocational Schools

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