A world where no one will live without love


A world where no one will live without love

An action that has been repeating itself for more than 40 years took place again on Saturday, September 17: a donation of the Central do Dízimo – PRÓ-VIDA (Center for the Tithe – PRÓ-VIDA) held, for the first time ever, in the gardens of the PRÓ-VIDA center in the city of Tres Arroyos, Argentina.

This time, 8 institutions from the southwestern region of the province of Buenos Aires received the elements they had requested to continue fulfilling their function.

When we began to work for that greater ideal of building a Much Better World that Dr. Celso Charuri taught us, we found “the peace of feeling that we were doing our share, that we were marking a path, through our example, that would bring man a little closer to the creator”, said Allan Hollender, one of the collaborators of the Central do Dízimo – PRÓ-VIDA.

He also thanked the charitable institutions for their work and told them: “One day we will come together again to glimpse that new world”, a world where “no one will be left without a roof over their head, where no one will lack a plate of food, but, above all, where no one will live without love”.

The institutions

One of the beneficiaries was the “Patrulla (Patrol)” Service for Immunocompromised Patients at Dr. José Penna Interdistrict Hospital in the city of Bahía Blanca. Their representative expressed gratitude for the goods received and said that the portable electrocardiograph would help them improve their service quality, as well as play a fundamental role in patient care.

Representing “Los Chopen, Grupo de Artistas (The Chopens, Group of Artists)” nonprofit organization, Mrs. Ana Montaner also showed gratitude for the elements received as she recalled their beginnings working towards inclusion through art for people with disabilities. She also said, “What I see here is that there seems to be a common thread between people who care about others, and it is not mere coincidence for us to be together”.