Online activities calendar

Online activities calendar


With the implementation of PRÓ-VIDA´s activities in the digital environment, participants from anywhere in the world can connect to perform them, according to their level (Basic, Advanced 1, Introduction or Advanced Courses). The novelty is a global calendar, which organizes activities considering the different languages ​​and time zones of the 12 countries where PRÓ-VIDA has a center. In addition to these locations, participants who are in more than 30 other countries will also be able to follow the activities, calculating the time zone according to the time of the location they want to follow.

The general calendar will be available on the PRÓ-VIDA website, organized according to the language in which the event will be broadcast and the local reference time. Therefore, when choosing to participate in an activity, it is necessary to observe and choose the language you want and then check the location of the defined time zone.

To participate in the program of an activity in the same country in which you are located, just follow the local time in the reference city. In Brazil, for example, the time indicated refers to the city of São Paulo.

However, if someone who is in Argentina chooses to perform the Telão (activity for participants from Introduction level and up) in Italian, whose presentation time refers to Rome, they should consider that 10:00 pm in Rome corresponds to 6:00pm in Buenos Aires. In order not to get lost in calculations and corresponding times, a tip is to use smartphone apps that do this calculation automatically.

Time zones are calculated by global systems used to standardize time setting and the best known and most used are UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Both are characterized by the division of the terrestrial globe by meridians, totaling 24 different zones, for each hour of the day, representing the 24 time zones.

These systems are used worldwide as a reference and have as their starting point the Greenwich meridian, which passes through Great Britain. The hours decrease to the west, and increase to the east. For example, in Colombia, which is five zones west of the starting point, five hours are subtracted. In Spain, located in an area east of the meridian, one hour is added to the reference time zone.

The online activities calendar is a way of expressing the extent and unity of the PRÓ-VIDA movement, because in each and every place that has a participant, they will have the opportunity to participate in activities, unified in a global calendar.

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