Suddenly, you become aware…

Suddenly, you become aware…

Suddenly, you become aware of the beast that is within you. In that instant… In that instant, when you discover the beast within you, you feel that if you don’t expand your consciousness, your suffering will increase. And you make a decision.

I am also a beast, that’s why I’m here, among beasts. Because it wouldn’t be logical that the Magnanimous Lord of the Universe put a sheep among lions. No, He wouldn’t do that! He is the essence of Justice!

Therefore, by the universal logic, I’m led to believe that that beast isn’t only out there, isn’t only here at home, but it’s also within me, of course. You become aware and say, “I’m also a beast. That’s why I’m among beasts”.

And you, then, can’t live with yourself.

There is an alternation of being.

Something is forcing towards moving. At this point there’s no balance between the ferocious forces that exist within you and the not so meek forces that also exist within you.

You have to opt. The time for option has come. You comprehend that you’re a beast and are among beasts.

So, stop and begin to imagine that there must be a Much Better World.

You begin to imagine: there must be a Much Better World where those conflictive forces don’t exist; where there aren’t such intense conflicts; where that sweet, good side, that meek side, must prevail… must prevail.

You don’t know, but when this day comes, you’ll be taking one more step towards expanding your consciousness. Yes, you’ll be expanding your consciousness even more.

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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