June, 1981 Newsletter

June, 1981 Newsletter

As new experiences occur, the brain assimilates new elements to fill its storage capacity. This material will be used as life goes on, and will be translated into forms of conduct towards new situations. For some of the knowledge there is no relative data which allow assimilation and therefore this knowledge won’t show in people’s conduct. It is said, then, that it is non-integrated knowledge.

As the desire for evolution towards a Much Better World arises, the Mind’s doors are opened and that knowledge, formerly neglected, starts to be at least analyzed.

We ask you: How is your Mind – open or closed? Why don’t Goodness, Altruism, and Fraternity always show in your conduct?

The Much Better World is already a reality
for those who have crossed the PRÓ-VIDA door.

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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