December, 1981 Newsletter

December, 1981 Newsletter

How is your mind?

It must be confused! After all, the house is full. All seats are taken, there are no empty spaces. The residents are all different and, because of that, they all speak at the same time, each one about their subject, in their own way.

It must be confused, without direction! Without objectivity the energy wear is immense, since the direction doesn’t get set.

The house is full, there are no empty spaces. Everyone feels in plenitude, in the plenitude of a house full… of conflicts. It’s anxiety that speaks. Reason gives way to euphoria, and euphoria, to madness.

But it was different in January, and at least until May it was different again. Why not say that in each month it was different? After all, the guests were different, according to each month’s circumstances.

But it’s December now and, for sure, everything will change. The confusion will end. Of course, during this month all residents speak the same language, have a single objective. It’s a month of Love, Goodness and celebration!

Everyone will buy, buy, buy. Everyone wishes to receive the present, in exchange for their shopping. Without a doubt, the expected gift is the inner Peace, which those who give have. Everyone will take advantage of the opportunity of the circumstances offered by this month.

But January is coming soon! So is February! And the common man will again live dependent, dependent on the circumstances of each month, again. After all the house has so many residents… and each one has a preference for one part of the Whole; and each one has to satisfy their own longings…

Fortunately, the year has many months and life, many years!

Who knows, one day, in a month, of a year, at an hour, and from that minute on, all the residents of the house will come to have the same objective and always talk in the same direction and so will, from then on, make an eternal Christmas month.

How is your mind?

Dr. Celso Charuri

Dr. Celso Charuri

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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