SENAI “Dr. Celso Charuri” School – Campo Grande, MS

SENAI “Dr. Celso Charuri” School – Campo Grande, MS


In 2012, the General Center for the Tithe donated the building and all the equipment of the Dr. Celso Charuri Vocational School in Campo Grande.

The School was presented with 13 classrooms, 9 laboratories, training room, auditorium and library, to receive more than 7,000 students/year in three periods (morning, afternoon and evening).

The laboratories were equipped to meet the industrial automation sector, in different industrial sectors, and will enable overcoming the lack of skilled labor throughout the State of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The new structure provides for Technical Courses in industrial automation, mechatronics technician, instrumentation technician, training courses in computerized numerical control, hydraulic controls, pneumatic controls, process control, instrumentation control, robotics, CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing), mechatronics, building automation, among others.

Vocational Schools

Vocational Schools

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