Example of environment transforming action

Donation Ceremony of CGD-PRO-VIDA

February 27, 2021


Example of environment transforming action

Donation Ceremony

February 27, 2021

The General Center for the Tithe PRÓ-VIDA (CGD-PV) and its affiliates, even in the face of the challenges of the new times, keep up constant work, which resulted in one more Donation Ceremony, the 415th, held in the course of its 41 years of existence.

Since its foundation, in 1979, by Dr. Celso Charuri, over 12,000 institutions have received donations including the construction of 13 vocational schools delivered to the SENAI/SENAC System.

The Ceremony took place on February 27, 2021, at PRÓ-VIDA Headquarters, in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This time, 37 charitable entities were benefited. Located in eight Brazilian states, in their routine assistance work they serve approximately 26,000 people.

In respect to security and health protocols, necessary at the present time, physical presence was restricted to a few participants. At the same time, however, more than 10,000 people, living in various parts of the world, accompanied the ceremony transmission by digital means and had the opportunity to feel the joy and privilege of giving to others.

The Donation Letter, read by Natalia Zanardi Ortiz, registered the fulfillment of an old law, Law on the grounds of which, men of good will, given the expansion of  their consciousness, work for the act of giving, generating a current strengthened by the exercise of love put into practice: an example of environment transforming action.

  “The members of the PRÓ-VIDA Movement, conscious of their responsibility, even in the face of the present world situation, continue to fulfill their duty to build a better society, less selfish, caring, just and brotherly.”

– Natalia Ortiz

On the occasion, hospital and industrial equipment and supplies; building materials; electronic, computer, sound and industrial laundry equipment; machines which will assist in the professionalization of adults; sporting and recreational materials; musical instruments; furniture; outfits; domestic utensils and ten new 2021 model vehicles  were donated.

Newton Santana, representing the APAE of Itapira/SP, and Vania Lazaneo, representing the Christian Assistance Institution – Lar Mãe Mariana of Poá /SP, spoke on behalf of the benefited institutions. Visibly moved, they thanked all the anonymous donors and the collaborators and participants of PRÓ-VIDA for “(…) providing, in a gesture of generosity and selflessness, a very enlightened moment for all of us (…)”. Newton Santana

Fernando Janikian spoke on behalf of PRÓ-VIDA and the General Center for the Tithe. He first congratulated the institutions for the work they do and thanked them for the opportunity of giving.

Continuing his speech, he presented the PRÓ-VIDA Movement, its creator and founder, the history of CGD-PV and brought to those present the reflection that a Much Better World is possible, and for all; it’s enough that man expands his state of being, a real possibility that is in the hands of those who give.

“Our objective is to give an example, give a great Example: that a better man builds a better environment”.

– Fernando Janikian