Donation benefits 66 institutions in Brazil


Donation benefits 66 institutions in Brazil

On September 25, the Central Geral do Dízimo PRÓ-VIDA (General Center for the Tithe) and its affiliates in Brazil held a joint Donation Ceremony which benefited 66 institutions in our country. The ceremony took place at the PRÓ-VIDA headquarters in São Paulo, in a hybrid format. Representatives of CGD-PV and two of the benefited institutions attended the ceremony in-person while the other institutions, their guests and PRÓ-VIDA participants could watch the live broadcast on the Youtube channel.

On behalf of CGD-PV, Eduardo Natrieli recalled that this donation is an example of love of neighbors, the path to be taken towards a much better world.

“What we donate is not important, it’s the example we´re giving.”

Eduardo Natrieli – CGD-PV Representative

The institutions received hundreds of electronic, home appliances, and industrial equipment, furniture, recreational and educational materials, sporting goods, musical instruments, computers and servers, hospital equipment, physiotherapy appliances and speech devices. In addition, specific equipment for gardening, carpentry, body shop and car painting, as well as a combustion forklift truck and 13 new vehicles to be used for beneficiary’s locomotion or transportation of goods.

On behalf of the institutions present, Eliana Agassi de Castro, from Centro Educacional Infantil de Jardim Santo Eduardo de São Paulo, expressed her gratitude to Dr Celso Charuri, for having had the courage to found CGD-PV and all the PRÓ-VIDA volunteers for doing this work.

Gabriel Zitune, representative of União Brasileira Israelita do Bem-Estar Social – Unibes, mentioned that he met Dr. Celso and said he´s been trying to honor the gratitude and generosity that he learned. He said that PRÓ-VIDA’s generosity meets the needs of these institutions.

The Central Geral do Dízimo PRÓ-VIDA (General Center for the Tithe) has been holding donations for the last 41 years, always aiming at the human being´s recovery and promotion, with no distinction. Their participants understand that this is the way to build a more just, less selfish and more fraternal society.