December 1, 1981

Dr. Celso Charuri’s disciples and friends at PRO-VIDA’s presentation at the Anhembi Convention Center: We know everyone would like to get to know the person with whom we started our mental training. His name is Dr. Celso Charuri. We know there is a lot of curiosity. However, we also know that it would be impossible […]

December 1, 1981

PRÓ-VIDA’s presentation at the Anhembi Convention Center. The Show isn’t over. We are not at the end. We are at the beginning. Men of good will are gathered. There’s still Hope. We believe that in this sea, creatures of the most different species, with behaviors relative to their classification, struggling about among placid and troubled waters, […]

December 1, 1981

PRÓ-VIDA’s presentation at the Anhembi Convention Center  I’m still watching your behavior. Congratulations, you’ve made it! The Universe is happy. One more point of Light. One more star that may serve as a guide to the travelers of infinity. On the celestial map, a new source of Life was born. Should you know how many are applauding, the […]

December 1, 1981

PRÓ-VIDA’s presentation at the Anhembi Convention Center. Stop. It is necessary that you listen to me. Calm down. Relax. This is the moment. Now is the time to talk to you. One day, in a faraway place, very far, inconceivable for you today… this place exists, and there, I saw happen exactly what is happening here and […]

December, 1981

I have a reason of life. I am united by a Principle, a fundamental. My fundamental is the Much Better World. You have the same Principle; you have the same reason of life. Your fundamental is also the Much Better World. We have the same reason of life. When we, two elements, join together in […]

November 20, 1981

A while ago, I was saying that some people – I would even like you to meditate about this – when they are children, soon find out that, in order not to suffer, they will have to acquire power. So, deep down, every human being wants power; power in order to be able to Have. […]

October 30, 1981

Today is a happy day for me! I want to share the joys as well, even if I can’t tell everything. When we share an emotional load, it’s comforting. The same with joy! When we share joy, it multiplies, because you give someone that satisfaction you had, and it’s even useful, depending on what it […]

September 24, 1981

At the Nectar Restaurant, after a lady said that, because she had always been a housewife, she wouldn’t have anything to teach others. Everyone learns a lot with the experiences of others. If each one tells what they have gone through, we learn. When you tell what is, what has been, the side of the […]

September 11, 1981

Yesterday I was talking to some people from outside about the mind, people still stuck to materialism, who can’t get past points like: “I won’t do this because nobody is going to boss me around, nobody is going to dominate me…” They haven’t been able to overcome contesting. “Nobody else will mess with me, I […]

August 14, 1981

Imagine that our body is made of a lot of little lights, tuners, emitters and transmitters with different frequencies. Imagine this bunch of points in your body, and in those of others, too. As you train, do mental exercises, you place all this in a certain band, you gradually harmonize yourself. There is an energy […]