We have as Principle to evolve man, because we do not believe that man is a product of the environment, but, rather, that the environment is a product of Man.

We believe that a man who is the product of the environment is a man with a small “m”, whereas a dignified environment is made by Men with a capital “M”. We believe that we must evolve man, because Evolution is the goal of the Universe, it is the Universal measure.

We believe that man has a reason To Be, and therefore we believe in the balance between body and spirit. We are temperate regarding human unity.

We believe that everything has a reason To Be and that man, upon the face of the Earth, also has a reason for being here. The search for this Reason leads us to the Creator and, therefore we admit the existence of the Creator.

By admitting this we know that we are not gods; at most, when evolved, we can be sons of God. Given all this, we respect even the most humble creature of all the kingdoms and, given this Respect, that comes from the comprehension of the Whole, we respect life in all of its aspects and in all its manifestations.

Our reactions follow the standards of our Principles, and for this reason we do not attack those who contradict us; we simply withdraw and leave space for those who still need it.

We praise Freedom, because we know it is the fruit of Justice, which can only be achieved with great Courage to undertake a path towards Truth, the one that must exist and that is Supreme and Absolute at the level of all possible relative things.

That is why we entitle ourselves PRÓ-VIDA – Cosmic Integration.

Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA