Our Movement

Contents prepared by PRÓ-VIDA participants, about the movement’s everyday life; our life together, activities – on-line for now – and reflections on general topics. Texts meant to translate a philosophical look, under various aspects.

The invisible light

The discovery of infrared and ultraviolet invites us to look at life beyond the five senses.

Riding a bicycle

Simple activities, done on a daily basis, can be full of knowledge. It depends on each one’s view.

Classics for dairy cattle

Music affects well-being and milk production, says study made at PRÓ-VIDA Club in São Paulo State, Brazil

One click for tomorrow

Technological progress is taking great steps. But what about the progress of humanity, how’s it going?

Online activities calendar

The Global Calendar expresses the extent and unity of PRÓ-VIDA´s movement, organized by languages and time zones.

Organic Gold

Trash, waste, leftovers, or raw material? The transformation of organic waste into rich, valuable compost: organic gold.

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