Published in the São Paulo State Legislature Newsletter of 6/27/2003 

Rodovia Dr. Celso Charuri (SP-91), connecting Raposo Tavares to Castelinho, will be inaugurated by Governor Geraldo Alckmin at 9 am this Saturday, 6/28.

The information was transmitted to the 2nd secretary of the Assembly, Mr José Caldini Crespo (PFL), at the end of May. Crespo is the author of the project that gave the name of Dr. Celso Charuri, founder of the PRÓ-VIDA Movement, to SP-91. The official opening of the new highway by Geraldo Alckmin is part of the Regional Forum of Sorocaba and Region Development activities, to be held on Friday and Saturday, 6/27 and 28.

With its 6.1 km in length, Rodovia Dr. Celso Charuri was built by the Via Oeste concession and, after opening, will remove much of the heavy traffic from Avenida Dom Aguirre. The trucks that go from Castelinho towards Raposo Tavares, and vice-versa, currently have Avenida Dom Aguirre as one of the few access options. With the delivery of the new highway, motorists who use Marginal only as a passageway will be able to use SP-91, reducing the time spent to go from Castelinho to Raposo and Raposo to Castelinho.

Brochure delivered in the opening: