PRÓ-VIDA is a philosophical movement, which aims to lead those who are willing to the recognition and awakening of the enormous potential of their mental, psychic and spiritual capacities.



PRÓ-VIDA started with a man: Dr. Celso Charuri (1940-1981).

Physician and philosopher, born in the suburb of Mooca, São Paulo, Brazil, during childhood and youth he seemed to have a life like that of many other young people of his time. However, in adolescence, a higher force drew his attention to deeper and deeper existential questions: “Who am I? Where am I? Why so much violence and so many wars? Why so much suffering? Is there a way out?” From such questions, he dedicated his life to the study of the human mind.

Inspired by ideas, teachings and examples of great minds who passed over the face of the Earth, he recognized that human beings have great potential to expand their mental, psychic and spiritual abilities. Convinced of this, he personally experimented, one by one, these teachings to reach a new level of consciousness and, with expanded awareness, found that man is the great creating and modifying agent of the environment they live in.

With this conclusion, it became clear and logical that the solution to the problems and human suffering is not in the modification or creation of laws, of financial and social structures. But rather to evolve man through the expansion of their consciousness, making him a man with a capital “M”, endowed with a greater awareness of his abilities. In this condition, this Man would naturally modify the environment he lives in. The cause being resolved, the effect will be automatically resolved, and the reverse is not true.

This discovery led him to take a great life objective on himself: the responsibility to build a new world, much better, without violence or wars, where everyone, regardless of their differences, could live in harmony.



To achieve this purpose, considered by him as the most difficult, but not impossible, Dr. Celso created PRÓ-VIDA where, using the same method proved by himself, started a program of mental training in 1977, with fourteen friends, in his office in the city of São Paulo. The interest aroused by the subject and the positive results each obtained, generated within them the desire to invite others to train their minds. The more they developed, the more friendship, enthusiasm and the desire to be together to talk and exchange experiences lived in this process grew among them. Thus arose the PRÓ-VIDA movement.

The expansion of consciousness and perception of these new friends led them to promote other ways of acting in relation to the family and society. Soon, they took on social responsibility to provide better opportunities and living conditions for the disadvantaged, non- PRÓ-VIDA participants.

Then they created a Club, to provide greater interaction between the families of these friends; and a Cooperative where associates organize in active collaboration to better serve their common needs.

As time went by, people of various nationalities were also interested in taking part in the PRÓ-VIDA movement, and it became necessary to create an international organization that could carry out the same activities established in Brazil in all nations of the world. As a result,  Stiftung PRÓ-VIDA – PRÓ-VIDA Foundation  was created.

The history of PRÓ-VIDA is now expressed by the history of its thousands of participants and friends of Dr. Celso who, by following and practicing his teachings, achieved significant positive results in their lives, and many, from then opted to continue his work.



Organized in nine sequential levels, each consisting of lectures, exercises and meetings to discuss the topics, the method consists of ancient knowledge and techniques that promote the expansion of consciousness and perception of self in relation to the environment, leading to the realization of objectives. [read more…]


The actions taken by the PRÓ-VIDA movement, wherever it is, are developed in an integrated way and consistent with the principles stated in our Charter of Principles. The union and composition of men of good will generate the possibility of new realities, demonstrating how to build a Much Better World.