From a young age, Dr. Celso Charuri always searched for a reason that would allow the understanding of the human condition and of why things happen. To this end, he dedicated his life to the study and the analysis of the conduct and behavior of individuals throughout history and of the potential capacities of human beings.

On his way he was inspired by the ideas, teachings and examples of Great Minds who had lived on the face of the earth. After a thorough process of study, observation and recording of the experiences lived by many, Dr. Celso Charuri identified, then, the necessary change. Actions must be based on a new premise, that people are not the result of the environment, but rather that the environment is the result of people. Therefore, a better, more dignified, fairer environment will only be possible with better, fairer, and more dignified people.

Based on this philosophical principle and the premise that people have skills that, when developed, allow an expansion of consciousness, of the perception of self and of the environment they live in, this new person feels integrated as part of the whole, and naturally responsible for their own participation in the world and the universe.

In believing this, Dr. Celso Charuri created PRÓ -VIDA where, during the last three years of his life, he devoted himself exclusively and wholly to this purpose.


On the occasion of Dr. Celso Charuri’s birthday in 1981, many of his friends, grateful for the new direction that the PRÓ-VIDA founder brought to their lives, felt the desire and need to honor him. [read more]