Ici, vous aurez accès à une sélection de textes prononcés par le Dr. Celso Charuri, de 1979 à 1981.   

November 5th, 1981

Question: “How can you demand evolution, or higher actions, from people who are still on a lower evolutionary stage?”

The evolutionary stages are actually different, and simple intellect cannot lead to the understanding of a deep philosophy.

Isn't it the same man that goes to the field, casts the seed, and later returns – or sends someone back – to harvest those seeds that have germinated and are now trees? And in harvesting the trees, does he discard the field, or does he keep on sowing? And more: on returning to check on those which have become trees, doesn't he help by watering those seeds that still haven't germinated?

So, every time you recognize the desirable, virtuous points, that the environment lacks, and fight to defend them, you will be either harvesting someone that is ready, or sowing a seed.

“Hey Joe, there exists a higher truth! Stop being selfish!”

« Wow, I always thought one shouldn't be selfish, but I never found an environment that could support that. »

« You are a ready tree. Can you understand this as well? »

« This is what I have been waiting for! »

I have harvested a ready tree.

Or, in the other situation, upon establishing the point of your recognition, you will be sowing:

« Hey John, you need to stop being selfish! Selfishness is not good because of this, this, and that. »

« No, no, no! Well… I'll think about it…! »

I have cast a seed.

If that isn't done, we stay stuck in time, waiting for everyone to evolve naturally. They will evolve naturally, but we must logically consider ourselves omissive. For since evolution is occurring, it is because someone other than us is sowing. We must therefore, consider ourselves negligent by omission.

This considered, it is up to him, who wants to give the slightest contribution to a Better World, to take a point he recognizes as being wrong, and with all the knowledge he has and will acquire, fight. But, of course, first give yourself as an example, and then fight to eliminate that point.

Does this mean that you have already eliminated the point in yourself? No. But you will prepare the field, and will sow many, and harvest many. And then you will always be doing Good, and this will make you stand out in regards to evolutionary level.


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