On the occasion of Dr. Celso Charuri’s birthday in 1981, many of his friends, grateful for the new direction that the PRÓ-VIDA founder brought to their lives, felt the desire and need to honor him. But then Dr. Celso explained his dilemma, because humility is precisely one of the most notable values of his ideal, so that accepting the honor would be taking away the very reason of being honored. On the other hand, how could he refuse the thanks of his friends, those whom he had taught besides humility, the value of thanks as well? But Dr. Celso showed that within all possibilities, there are no unsolvable dilemmas. So he thanked the tribute, but considered as “present” not the honor, but those who wanted to honor him: “You, who fight for what I fight.”

And so, over all these years of continuous dedication to the ideal of developing and valuing the human being, PRÓ-VIDA and the General Central for the Tithe (CGD) have received many honors on behalf of its founder.

In 1998, the city of Rafard/SP received the SENAI Training Center, the first vocational school donated by GCT, named “Celso Charuri” in his honor. Today there are many “Dr. Celso Charuri” vocational schools.

Across Brazil, streets, avenues, roads, parks, kindergartens and various other places and institutions have received the name Dr. Celso Charuri.

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