Saturday, August 22, 2020, PRÓ-VIDA’s Headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil: the date and place of one more Donation Ceremony of the General Center For The Tithe PRÓ-VIDA (CGD-PV) – a gesture that has been repeated for 40 years, since 1979, when Dr. Celso Charuri, conceiver and founder of PRÓ-VIDA, left as a mark the General Center for the Tithe's first Donation, in Birigui, São Paulo.


On the occasion, 57 institutions, located in thirteen Brazilian States, were benefited. Together, they deliver social services to 167 thousand people. Most of them offer the community professional courses, recreational and pedagogical activities, medical, dental, physiotherapeutic and speech therapy care.

Following social distancing measures, only two institutions attended the Ceremony with the physical presence of their representatives; the other institutions attended through a virtual platform along with their guests and thousands of PRÓ-VIDA participants from hundreds of Brazilian cities and many countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


When the need requires social distancing, opportunities for our minds to be together and united are even greater. Therefore, conscious of their responsibility, and in accordance with the protection rules necessary during the pandemic, the General Center for the Tithe members fulfill their purpose making this virtual donation and once more giving an example of action. And so, taking one more step towards the construction of a better, less selfish, more just, more supportive and fraternal society.

This donation was the result of joint work between the General Center for the Tithe PRÓ-VIDA and its affiliates, the Centers for the Tithe of São Paulo, ABC, Americana, Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Campo Grande, Curitiba, Goiânia, Jaú, Piracicaba, Santos, São José dos Campos, Sorocaba, Taubaté and Varginha, after a judicious analysis process of requests, documents and identification of the real needs of the entities involved.

Gabriela Rocha Gopfert Bueno, CGD-PV contributor, read the letter that formalized the donation of thousands of items, meeting the requests of the 57 institutions present, which, sometimes, are the only option of assistance for their communities.


Among the many donated items were 20 vehicles, including an ambulance equipped with mobile ICU, a tractor with 4X4 traction and a motorboat; various hospital equipment such as complete kits for video laparoscopy, construction materials, three photovoltaic generators, physiotherapy and speech therapy equipment, in addition to industrial equipment and professional workshops.

On behalf of all the benefited institutions, Ana Paula Haussauer, representative of São Caetano do Sul-SP city’s APAE, and Luiz Villares, representative of Fundação Amazonas Sustentável from Manaus-AM, spoke.

Ana Paula highlighted that “if mankind had any idea of their capacity and their potential to do good for others, the world would be much better” and, following, Villares reflected: “And when we, sometimes, find ourselves a little saddened, a little tired of pursuing our mission, we meet PRÓ-VIDA: this wonderful institution which has been doing Good for decades.”

FAS was the first organization in South America to receive the UNESCO-Japan prize on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This institution’s mission, in addition to carrying out works to preserve the Amazon forest and resources, is to improve the quality of life of indigenous and riverside communities, mainly to make them independent so that they can, on their own, maintain themselves and sustain their members.

Next, Januário Micelli Neto spoke on behalf of PRÓ-VIDA and the General Center for the Tithe. He began his speech referring to the saying “To give the fish is important, but teaching how to fish is just as important”, alluding to the work developed by Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS).


At the end, the PRÓ-VIDA and the General Center for the Tithe representative recalled the true meaning of this donation, “We do not wish to donate only materials. We do not wish to be remembered for this donation only for what we donated, but rather for the example – t­­he example that a better world is possible.”

This virtual ceremony, that took place on August 22, opened the possibility for thousands of views all around the world, in different places, witnessing the example of the General Center for the Tithe's action, breaking physical barriers, making itself present in every place where there is someone in harmony with this purpose.