Since its establishment, the number of people interested in mental training and development has been increasing exponentially. To meet the arising needs of this growth, the movement has gradually been organized as shown above: a directing and advisory body at its head and various departments for achieving its goals at its base. These departments follow the same organizational structure.

The first directing and advisory body was created by Dr. Celso Charuri himself, the conceiver and founder of PRÓ-VIDA.

PRÓ-VIDA Association – APV

At present, PRÓ-VIDA’s mother institution is the PRÓ-VIDA Association – APV, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The APV fulfills the same function that was initially established by its founder: to guarantee the unity and integrity of the principles and objective of PRÓ-VIDA in all of the activities carried out by its departments, centers and country clubs across Brazilian territory.

In other countries, the same task is carried out by the PRÓ-VIDA Foundation, based in Lucerne (Switzerland). Both entities have no economic purposes.


Is a philanthropic and public service organization that internationally promotes the principles and philosophical teachings developed by Dr. Celso Charuri. It has the same functions as PRÓ-VIDA Association outside Brazil.

With its seat in Lucerne, Switzerland, PRÓ-VIDA Foundation complies with the strictest international criteria governing approval of this kind of foundation, with proven integrity and testimony in the environment.

PRÓ-VIDA Foundation allows the philosophical knowledge organized by Dr. Celso Charuri to be taken to all places where there are people interested in it, with international recognition of the appropriateness and integrity of his actions.




The CGD and its affiliates promote Social Responsibility activities setting the example that a man with an expanded consciousness creates a better environment, a more responsible and fair one – not only for themselves, but also for his fellow men. (more)


The idea of cooperation has always been a part of every activity at PRÓ-VIDA. Cooperation understood as working together towards the same end, through active collaboration, without passive subordination, where each one spontaneously and voluntarily offers the best of themselves in the role that best suits their virtues and qualities, for the benefit of all participants of our movement.

The PRÓ-VIDA Cooperative is the natural consequence of the development of men whose consciousness is in an ongoing expansion movement. It integrates human activities in the same spirit: common good.


In 1980, owing to the fact that the families of the PRÓ-VIDA participants needed to interact, Dr. Celso Charuri also created the first PRÓ-VIDA Club in Araçoiaba da Serra, São Paulo, Brazil. Since then, new clubs have been opened in several Brazilian locations, as well as in other countries by initiative of the participants in the movement themselves.


PRÓ-VIDA has been constantly growing since it was founded. It currently operates in more than a hundred cities and in several countries. In Brazil, activities are coordinated by the PRÓ-VIDA Association, based in São Paulo; in all other countries, this task is carried out by the PRÓ-VIDA Foundation, based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Both entities have no economic purposes.

From the beginning, each new PRÓ-VIDA center is created voluntarily by groups of friends, people who wish to actively participate in the movement and who seek to create in their cities a space for the development of the activities offered by the participants. Motivated by the same objective, principles and ideals of the initial cell, each center seeks to maintain a cozy family atmosphere that favors the participation of more people in the Movement.

Among the many activities complementary to the development and mental training program, the centers offer to those interested parapsychological training and participation in research conducted through scientific methodology for finding and proof of various natural manifestations of some topics discussed in PRÓ-VIDA to those interested.


In addition to the mental development program, our Centers usually have various departments that offer numerous activities as a complementary part of the method.

The Basic is the level at which a person begins their participation in PRÓ-VIDA, and it allows access to departments such as Parapsychology Training, Laboratory, Culture, Sports, Children, Serenity and Library. To sign up for a Basic level, just find one of the Centers and Meeting Points in Brazil or in the other countries where our institution operates. (more)

Upon completion of the Introduction course (third level) participants can also seek membership in the Cooperative and  Clubs, which offer a wide range of activities in turn. (more)

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