In 1979, Dr. Celso Charuri proposed to a group of friends the founding of the Central Geral do Dízimo – PRÓ-VIDA (CGD-PV, General Center for the Tithe) as one of the most effective ways to manifest our social responsibility.

Its funds come from the receipt of anonymous and voluntary bank deposits, which are fully donated: one part in the form of goods, assets and equipment to charitable institutions recognized for their integrity and social utility; another is aimed at vocational schools that, built by CGD-PV, enable thousands of people to achieve independence and better conditions for their families.

CGD-PV donates 100% of all deposits it receives and operates without internal costs because it acts, strictly through the voluntary work of its members. All accounting procedures and declarations are audited by external and published.

This activity does not consider any political, social or religious aspects of the entities to be benefited and aims to give an example to society, which is, that Men with increased consciousness naturally create a better environment, more responsible, dignified and just – not only for himself but also for his fellows.

New Tithe Centers were created in other cities in Brazil and in other countries, which together, have made more than ten thousand donations.

“CGD is doing well and you?” Dr. Celso Charuri.