Website Associazione Nuove Frontiere – February 16, 2015

This year our boys found a truly special gift under the Christmas tree: a brand-new minibus equipped with a lift platform for wheelchair users.

This is a long but beautiful story that deserves to be told.

It began about five years ago when one of the boys' advisors told us that we could go to the Centrale delle Decime d'Italia and ask for a donation of something that could be useful to us.

Time went by and we had forgotten about our request (since we do so many and we often don’t get any response); but in October 2013, three people who seemed more like angels without their wings came to “Parco degli Angeli” (Angel Park). They kindly asked if we would allow them to stay with us for a little while and explained that they were PRÓ-VIDA “observers”, the organization to which the Centrale delle Decime d'Italia belongs.

Their interest and attention to who we were and what we did was enormous: they asked the boys, the counselors and the parents questions, in this way being part of our life that day.

I can now affirm that since then they have been present in our lives with the force that moved them to us. With no other interest than to trigger one of the principles that should move the world: who has, should give to those in need.

They asked us what our need was in order to help the boys and … somewhat embarrassed by the consistency of the request, we dared to say that one of our priorities was to be able to have a minibus with a lifting platform, which unfortunately we couldn’t afford.

As they were leaving, we hugged as if we had known each other for a long time and they promised to see us again soon.

The Christmas parties were over and the phone rang. A friendly voice on the phone told us that our request was likely to be fulfilled and that the process would now have to proceed with an accounting analysis, along with an interview.

With our hearts in our throats and a series of documents in hand we headed to the Latina headquarters of the Centrale delle Decime d'Italia where, with the same attention as the first meeting, the balance sheets of our annual activities and extracts from our reduced bank account were examined. The interview focused basically on the reasons for us being together and supportive and also on the development prospects of our association.

Once again we said goodbye with great expressions of affection and we waited for news from the process results.

When on the phone an enthusiastic voice for being the bearer of good news, told us that our request had been accepted, we could hardly believe what we were hearing. We were then told that it was necessary for the legal representative of our association to be present in Portugal in May; without hesitation we replied that even the North Pole would have seemed close to us.

There were many of us in Torres Vedras – from the four corners of the world: from Nepal, Brazil, Spain… all of us were fortunate enough to have been the object of the attention of an Organization that never asked for anything in return for the help they offered us. We all felt like lottery winners. We felt cared for and cherished by people who had the only intention of making us feel at ease.

Certain emotions, certain feelings cannot be explained. We must be present and we were there to receive the act of giving of what represented a dream.

We sometimes wake up from dreams relieved, other times with the bitterness of having seen and touched what didn’t really exist and which remains a mirage.

Instead of this, we continued to live our dreams. When we returned to Italy, our Angels informed us that we would soon be able to see our minibus (we could hardly pronounce the word “our”) in its finishing phase. At the end of November we went to Pistoia where we finally saw it: big, beautiful, new … it was ours.

On our return to Cerveteri, still disbelieving, we didn’t know that we were going to have to tell other parents the other news: by a phone call we were told about another present (another donation). Yes, our Angels thought that a magnificent minibus couldn’t stay outside overnight and so they decided to also donate a covering structure.

On December 14, 2014 we were received at the Milan headquarters of PRÓ-VIDA by friends celebrating, who rejoiced for our joy. Our dreams had become a reality. Underneath our Christmas tree there was the most beautiful gift: the solidarity of those who know how to put ancient teachings into practice. The solid reality that contrasts with the promises of charlatans.

We can testify that PRÓ-VIDA and Centrale delle Decime D'Italia represent, with simplicity, a reality that shakes consciences. A reality which we face, as if facing a mirror, to ask ourselves if we are also capable of doing something good for others.

They do not ask for anything, they only give with the joy of being able to give, feeling privileged to do this.

Filippo Bellantone – President of Associazione Nuove Frontiere Onlus – II Parco degli Angeli

OUR MINIBUS – PRÓ-VIDA – Centrale delle Decime D’Italia – February 16, 2015