In 1977, when Dr. Celso gave the first Basic Course, he invited the participants for a “mind development course” foreshadowing the beginning of a philosophical movement that would grow and cross borders. From that day on, he started to transmit the knowledge in an ordered fashion, day after day.

At a certain moment, he assured his friends that the PRÓ-VIDA Movement would be all over the world. This assertion was like blowing on a flower that made the seeds float to the sound of the winds and spread to the four corners of the Earth.

In a few decades, PRÓ-VIDA has gone beyond its place of origin and spread around the world in continuous growth. Many came, and continue to come; every new Monday, somewhere around the world, where a new Basic course is beginning. 

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In 2009, another step was taken which was of the utmost importance for the movement. With non-material and timeless assets consisting of the knowledge left by Dr. Celso Charuri and a Charter of Principles as a fundamental document, the Stiftung PRÓ-VIDA (PRÓ-VIDA Foundation) was established in Lucerne, Switzerland, on October 27, 2009.

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With the Foundation established, PRÓ-VIDA could spread the goal of its founder to everyone, in different languages, in a safe manner and in compliance with the most rigorous international criteria. Since then, the centers and meeting points outside Brazil have been conducted by the Foundation.

In order to service participants that work, study or live in countries where there are no centers or meeting points for our Movement, PRÓ-VIDA created a program: PRÓ-VIDA Foundation – International Hub. To facilitate the contact with these friends, the email:  was created.

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Almost forty-three years have gone by since the first Basic course.

The seeds… continue and will continue to flourish, in many places around the world, thanks to a virtuous sower who, with his action, generated a great Movement.

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