Pará de Minas City Hall website- April 18, 2016

Last Thursday night, 4/14, Mayor Antônio Júlio went to PRÓ-VIDA’s headquarters to sign a bill that changes the name of the street of the philosophical movement’s headquarters. Approved by the Town Hall, the law changes the name of José Vitor de Paiva to Dr. Celso Charuri, founder of PRÓ-VIDA.


The mayor made a point of recalling the importance of PRÓ-VIDA in establishing the SESI/ SENAI school in Pará de Minas. He also announced the expansion of the school, which will serve 1200 students with land donated by the city hall. “We are eternally grateful to PRÓ-VIDA for their efforts in bringing the SESI/ SENAI unit to our city. You helped to transform the reality of many adolescents, who now have a profession. I sign this law with the certainty of making an improvement,” he explained.