Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981.

December, 1980

Crazy, Utopians or Idealists?

Nowadays, when mankind is attacking itself, when one sees paradoxes at every moment; Nowadays, when you read the papers and you only find wars, wars and famine. Nowadays, when you turn on the TV and you see children dying of starvation and at the same time there is a show airing from Las Vegas. Nowadays, when somebody is telling you a story about millions of dollars and somebody else shows up and asks you: “Sir, spare some change… I’m hungry”.

Nowadays, when everybody steps on each other, when homes are broken and the children of these homes seek shelter in marijuana and other drugs. Nowadays, when Respect no longer exists, and Fidelity is a word used only for dogs. Nowadays, when Friendship is distorted by money, someone comes to present a plan for PEACE.

Who are we?

Crazy, Utopians or Idealists?

Are we crazy just because we succeeded in becoming aware of this scene? And what if I told you that only after having entirely completed a level of evolution are we able to see the prospect for the next one?

For this was how our Utopia of intending a BETTER WORLD was born.

A world where society finds its reason of existence in BEING, not in HAVING.

A world where FREEDOM will be based on JUSTICE. A world where the nourishment that will liberate energy for PEACE will be the SUPREME and ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

A MUCH BETTER WORLD that will be catalyzed by COURAGE; courage to expel the egotism that has been latent for thousands of centuries inside the proscribed earthling.

A world where words will only show their weight, if followed by the corresponding action. A world that will dignify man as the material representative of GOD in image and resemblance.

The possibility of existence of this world is real and will be seen as soon as the building of that statue is finished, the statue that shall be placed in the bosom, in the heart of the city, the mother cell of possibility.

The heart is yours and the statue is that of JESUS CHRIST.

Crazy, Utopians or Idealists?


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