Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

October 30, 1981

Today is a happy day for me! I want to share this joy, even if I can’t tell everything. An emotional load, when we share it, becomes comforting. A Joy too! When we share joy, it multiplies, because you touch someone with that satisfaction you’ve had, and it’s even useful, depending on what it is you’re going to tell, to observe and have a better view of people and things.

Today’s date is going to stay with me. It will be set in me: October 30, 1981! In the first hours of the morning. I can’t tell what, even though I want to.

I must say this to you: nobody in life has everything, because the very Law that rules says that, if you know everything, you lose the point of attraction. So it’s necessary that you don’t know the next step, because the next step gives you the feeling that motivates work, motivates life.

There are disillusioned people. They come to a certain point in life where they lock themselves within. They even die, when they reach the disillusionment stage, because they have nothing else to do. People who, for instance, work for 50 years and after retirement, they die. It ends. Life doesn’t matter anymore. The point of attraction, which is not knowing a point ahead, doesn’t exist anymore. The fact that there is always a link missing in the chain motivates life. It is, and it will always be so.

Very well. Although I have the transcendental knowledge of things in the Septenary Plane, this knowledge remains on another level of consciousness, and, as you work, do, act, verbalize (verb, you know: noun + action), as you put into action the words that contain knowledge, therefore, working, you will find and achieve the utmost, extreme points of the Plane you live in. Everything works like this and it couldn’t be any other way.

There was, in my case, the search for a small point (mind you: not a point of doubt!) … the search of the knowledge of a point that I’ve been chewing on at every moment, every instant of my life, certain that one day it would come up.

So, after we left here, yesterday late night, I got home… I was already thinking in my car. Suddenly, there was this flash, the “Eureka, I’ve got it!” But it was still muddy. I decided to stop everything. Stop at that point and penetrate in that instant where the feeling hit me. And then I came upon it: I came upon the Golden Key! I knew it existed, and I was sure it existed: there isn’t a door that doesn’t have a key. And today, at 5 A.M., this key came to me. It’s the Golden Key that definitely closes Course VII. It’s not that I didn’t know it, but when it’s given to you, it’s different. Now it’s the whole of it! This has to stay written, stored.

And then, just so you can imagine the feeling, I must have stayed about one hour just thanking. When I went to lie down, I was still thanking. That thanks that you can’t even talk about. Just “Thank you very much, thank you very much!” You want to thank eternally – because it’s amazing that you’ve come to this point…!

Well, if you say: “If it’s so good, give us this key!” It’s no use, because you won’t understand its value. It’s like that story with the football game and the Einstein conference.

I can’t trust this knowledge to you. If it’s said, it won’t mean anything. There is no support. For anyone in PRÓ-VIDA yet. One day I hope to… If not, it will stay written. Someone will always read it, if the need arises. But first, this need has to come. I think you understand.

So this is it. I’d like to tell you that today I’m happy, maybe it’s the happiest day of my life. I couldn’t find a happier day in my life, yet. Maybe today is the happiest day of my life because of the discovery of this link in the chain… It’s the Knowledge protecting itself.

Well, I want to say that, with the mental activity that we do every week, PRÓ-VIDA has gained an impulse that only those who knew it before can gauge. PRÓ-VIDA has really grown!

We now have PRÓ-VIDA’s national department. We are, going to take the courses to the places that have asked us to. People at PRÓ-VIDA must begin to set a greater example, according to the acquired knowledge. Conduct is everything, because conduct is the example, and without an example, you will do nothing.

In the world in which we live there are two forces: good – evil, black – white, hatred – love, comprehension – incomprehension, and so on.

Here at PRÓ-VIDA we have Principles. You know them. You saw them. And if you are here, it is because you liked them. You have verified that these Principles really do mend men. So each one of you need to take on these Principles. But really take them on! And conduct yourselves according to these Principles.

Well, which are the Principles you have adopted? Those of Good or Evil? Here at PRÓ-VIDA, they are the Good ones. What are the virtues of Good? Comprehension, true help, kindness, non-aggressiveness, humbleness. Those are the weapons of Good. And what are the weapons of evil? Wickedness, aggressiveness, miscomprehension, vanity, pride, arrogance, the force which hurts…. everything the opposite.

What would you think when someone wants to defend Good and uses the weapons of evil? For instance: to defend Good, man builds bombs, wages war, wants to kill the whole of mankind. To defend Good, man destroys. Well, destruction is the weapon of evil. Killing is the weapon of evil. Virtues of the other side. What do you get from it? Only the strengthening of your own adversary: evil.

Stop and think: when you want to defend a Principle, you must use the weapons, the virtues, of that Principle. Or else, you will be fighting against yourself; you will be strengthening your adversary.

(…) In all places, a really superior person is the one which knows how to understand others, which he considers to be in an inferior position, and stays close by. And remain like this in everything. So it’s only a matter of Principle. Do you like the Principles here at PRÓ-VIDA, do you think they build a better man? So, you must always use these weapons. Whenever you use another weapon, you will be strengthening the other side.

I know it’s hard, when people, for instance, come at you with aggressiveness. You should not allow yourself to be affected by this aggressiveness, and understand that behind the aggressiveness, there may be a good heart. Maybe it’s only a product of this world, which has this crazy scheme of changing the environment and not the man. Maybe it’s just the expression of a desire, not of attack, but of protection.

For young people, there is much to talk about here, and we will do so in a lecture specifically for them. But you, who are, for the most part adults, have work to do. And only through this work will you empty the bucket of energy which you now, having knowledge, possess, and have the opportunity of, one day, also discovering the golden key of all conducts and thoughts, and every, every, every thing which happens on the face of the Earth.

I would really like to see the people of Course II, Introduction, hand in hand with those in the Basic, giving them a hand. Sometimes they’ll want to argue. But you already have elements to not argue, rather to calm! And if, for now, someone can’t talk about Einstein, then talk with them about football! One day he will also not want to talk about football anymore. Until this day comes… how about giving out Happiness to every one, to have everyone’s Happiness?

That’s it. Defend your Principles of fighting for Good with the weapons of Good. Only. Always. And if it’s hard, that's also good, because it will correct the pride, the vanity of those who think that practicing this is hard. Therefore, it is always good.


Creator and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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