Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981.


September 8, 1981


There is a Greater Love. There is a Greater Goodness. There is a Greater Power.

Our Minds are connected. We are not an isolated part of the Universe. We are together with all the parts. We are part of the same respiration – the Great Respiration. Our small pulmonary respiration is an illusion. Our movement is just an illusion. Our real movement is a mental, spiritual movement. It's the extent to which we can perceive the Whole that surrounds us and of which we are part.

There is a Law of Alliance. There is a Law of Junction. There is a Brotherhood. There is a Law that has put us here all together. We are all together. Not isolated, but together. Therefore, stop isolating yourself. You are not isolated. You belong. You are also a part.

Do you know why Goodness protects you? To protect itself, because you are a part. Justice does not want you to suffer, in order to keep being Just. Goodness does not want you to take other paths so that it — Goodness — may exist. Truth rejects lies and protects you against lies. It points out the illusory, precisely to maintain a state of Truthfulness. The Great Force knows that you are part and Whole and that you belong. Take off this shell. Open yourself up. Help out. Get together.

You will never stop being pursued by Goodness. It will pursue you, until one day you end up being Good. The same with Justice: it will pursue you so much that one day you will end up being Just. Altruism will also pursue you to such an extent that one day you will give up being selfish; you will become Altruistic. There is no way you can escape. It's only a matter of you gaining time, speeding it up, and so leaving the dimensional level, by helping.


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