Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

November 29, 1980

I believe that all of you have already understood that all perceptions are directly connected to Feeling and that Feeling is a state of consciousness. The comprehension of the Whole is a state of consciousness and that is why it varies from person to person; from person to person who intends, who has already reached the point of wanting to know the Whole, consciously.

Of course, in a previous stage people go forth only with the unconscious desire – the unconscious fear, which is an unconscious desire – for the knowledge of the Whole.

Who am I? Where am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Everything broadens and Who Am I takes on greater proportions. Where Do I Come From and Where Am I also stop trying to inform by space.

In the beginning, however, the answer to these questions is quite limited to space and time. People have these questions at an unconscious level. Having these questions at an unconscious level and not getting any answers, they become a dark point, a point without light, a point without knowledge, and this generates fear.

The analysis, the study, the mind going forth, trying to go deeper, through all gathered experiences, the mind then manages to acquire knowledge, and knowledge begins to manifest itself by the broadening of consciousness, therefore feeling, having a different perception of the Whole, of who we are.

I believe that everyone can get to feel the Whole as it is. Feeling is what will really generate Peace.

And then, in you, enters the responsibility of your function towards a whole world, towards the Whole, which is always present within you. All of a sudden, you realize why and what you are useful for, since you have this knowledge.

Then, the highest objectives get into you, and you start following this instant of life, which is earthly life, only to accomplish, to help accomplish, to see accomplished, the utmost Principles of the Absolute.

You then become someone who is not driven by factors from the unconscious any longer, who is not led by inferiority or superiority complexes any longer, not led by curiosity any longer, just to see what it is like or how it turns out. No, nothing like that! You go forth with the feeling that that objective is the only useful point, the only point where you reach the meaning of existence, the only point in which you are necessary, without obligation, without forcing, within the naturalness that has been established by Feeling.


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