Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

February 26th, 1981

During a Lecture for Young People

We have observed behavior that comes from lack of comprehension, lack of understanding, or partial understanding of what we have been advising here. Doubts, or partial knowledge, come from the fact that each person retains only what interests them.

Let's imagine that the television is on and that an engineer, a doctor, a housewife and a philosopher, or someone who likes philosophy, are watching a program. Let's see how these people would behave.

It's a lecture. When the speaker is talking about the medical part of it, the doctor will open his ears to it. When he goes on about cooking, the doctor will not retain that knowledge, because he doesn't feel the need for it, since that is outside the limits of his action. But the housewife will pay attention! As will the engineer, on his part. And the philosopher, or the one who likes this subject, will retain the part about the mind, and so on. Each one will pause, will stop on their own point of interest, on their own necessity. However, a whole was transmitted.

If everyone acted not only according to their own needs, but according to the needs of others as well, if they acted with the understanding that from each of their actions would derive harmony or disharmony for the others, then the lecture would be heard in its whole and their behavior would reflect that: there would be harmony.

However, when one listens, knowledge is always partial, partial according to people's needs.

(…) No one can be harmonic if he has not analyzed the knowledge and, especially, the knowledge within. Therefore without an internal analysis, no one can build anything better.

You have to fulfill requirements, and these requirements you acquire through analysis.

Therefore, when considering an element of knowledge, consider it in accordance to everybody’s need , because this is integration. And then Respect emerges.


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