Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981.

September 24, 1981

In terms of biological constitution, we are all equal and capable of the same things. If any of us wants to grow, to live in total Harmony and Peace, to be able to help someone else and ourselves, they need to broaden the understanding that the mind is the capping stone of man and that spirit is the definitive complement of the mind.

For a long time there has been a tendency among the builders of great works to leave their task unfinished…

Also for a long time the notion of what is good or bad, of what is right or wrong, of what is just or unjust, of what is altruistic or what is egotistic, of love and hate, of what is happy or sad, of what is possible, of what is impossible… and of the effects of these positive or negative things on man, on your mind and on each of your cells, gathers dust and cobwebs on the shelves of ignorance, imposed by the petty interests of those who fear the Truth.

If you want to grow, stay calm, observe, release the evils that are buried in your mind. Improve your consciousness, your mind and your body, of which you are merely a guest.

Creator and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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