Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981.

September 11, 1981

Yesterday I talked with some outside people about the mind, people still trapped to materialism, who cannot get over points like: “I’m not doing this, because no one tells me what to do, no one’s going to rule me…” They still aren’t able to overcome dispute.

– “No one is going to mess with me, I won’t become anyone’s plaything, now she won’t use me anymore, I’m free of her…”

I was telling this person:

– I think you haven’t freed yourself. When someone really frees himself from someone’s subjection, or society’s, or anything’s, he doesn’t become so worried with defeating her the way you are, since you still have to pass hours and hours thinking about how to react.

He agreed that, indeed, because he couldn’t stop thinking about it, he still hadn’t gotten over it.

What is the solution for this person? What can he do and when can he consider that he has won? We can of course give you all the answer: when you conquer yourself, when you conquer your instinct for vengeance, your inferiority complex, when you understand that you don’t have to be more, that you can be an equal.

And the person went on:

– “Prove to me that this thing of training and studying the mind is good.”

Look at the evidence! I train my mind. Look at my manifestations: I am always happy, full of joy, I help others, I’m financially accomplished, I have every material thing that I want, and the spiritual ones, I am still studying…

This is a proof. If you are not going well in any area, it´s a sign that you are not using your mind well. If you are not satisfied with anything…!

– “Ah, but some people have luck! You have a happy marriage! The partner improves a persons well-being!”

– Whoever uses his mind is happy, not because someone beside the person favors happiness. It’s not because I have a wonderful partner that I am happy. It’s the other way around: because I’m happy I have a wonderful partner. The same thing with friends!

These justifications: “If it wasn’t for him or her…” No, it’s you who are are not well. It’s because I am happy that I have my luck.

People usually want to put their happiness in external points, in other words, they are happy according to the external point. It’s necessary for you who uses your mind to know that it’s not the facts that have fatally happened that will make you happy or unhappy. It is you who, by being happy or unhappy, makes the facts around you. Its not the facts that make you happy or unhappy. On the contrary, it is you who by being happy or unhappy will build happy or unhappy circumstances.

Pause a moment at these small points. When you understand the philosophical nature of this, you will greatly improve and your contentment will increase.

Then, when talking to people in this manner, you will be able to show them that it wasn’t because you had luck that you are accomplished in your profession or your life, but because you make each moment of your life full. And of this you can bear witness.

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