Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981.

July 23, 1980

Wisdom consists in the proper ordering of your own soul, said Plato.

Man fulfills himself when he understands what he calls Duty.

It may be the dawning of a new day for each one.

The Eternal Presence in Man.

Being in communion is Courage.

The state of merit in relation to the Creator provides Freedom and leads to the state of Peace.

The reason for existing is the exercise of the function of Usefulness, at the point that the environment needs it. Then, one achieves plenitude. In recognizing yourself as useful, you are in the logical chain of things. Thus, you are with God. You must become solitary in this life and then you will have the whole kingdom. It is good that the disciple be vacuous for then the Master can fulfill him.

When the shell of the common personality is broken and the being gets in touch with himself, suffering and worldly pleasures will no longer affect him. He already finds himself in a state of consciousness, participating in the universal totality. It is as the immaculate moon in the eternal sky!

In eternal delights lives the soul that finds, in itself, the source of happiness. The inner light becomes conscious. The spark transforms itself into splendorous light. The light becomes a flame. And the flame finally turns into a Sun. There begins Life, the fulfilled Being. The state of recognition of the Creator. The Sun of righteousness. The Eternal Presence in Being.

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