Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981.

December 17, 1981
Illusion of the Senses

And as far as the eyes can see, I was looking at a face that, according to beauty standards conceived in accordance to the knowledge I have, showed itself as angelical.

Suddenly, a desire to deepen my vision, for a question came to my mind: Is she capable of evil?

The face scanned through an eyesight, which searched in the attempts of finding an answering sign, made me acknowledge the limitation of that sense.

Immediately after this discovery, a sound came to be, as if amplifying the limits of my sensing: Hearing manifested itself. The audible sound, connecting letters, formed words which answered: “Yes, this angelical face can be evil.” Following, other words, saying: “Why? When? To what purpose?” Once again at that limiting crossroad was that sense, asking, for it logically had no more answers!…

I light up a cigarette and wait, the question lingering from the last sense used. Why does such beauty turn into such ugliness, considering the acts it can and does perform?

The smoke, penetrating through the nostrils, awakens a new sensibility. It was smell, joining its companions in helping find the desired answers.

I approach the angelical face and feel the odor of the exhaled carbonic gas, and ask myself: How can such purity, oxygen, go in, and come out as such a foul-smelling combination?

The sense of smell explains, telling about the inner medium, the outer medium, their combinations, their alchemy, their transmutations.

And immediately appeals to touch, asking, in turn, the same question: “Why can such external beauty manifest, under certain circumstances, such evil?”

Touch, both gross and subtle, cannot answer, and asks: “Why do I exist, if not to compare the roughness and softness of existing beings?”

A glass of wine appears before me. I drink it. Suddenly, I awaken to the taste of things. It is the sense of taste manifesting itself, showing me that it exists. I ask it the question: Why can, why will, until when must, the sweetness outside become the bitterness inside?

Simultaneous to the question, a cup of coffee was placed at the table. The meal was ending, when taste answers: “If now, after your appetite has been satisfied, you were given the opportunity to start all over again, what would your conduct be? Surely you would have found yourself fully satisfied. Where is the captivating beauty now, if you want it no more?”

Would the attraction of beauty be on the object beheld, or within the beholder?

If you answer that, you will certainly recognize that the angelical face can be evil. Surely then, you will no more feel attracted to beauty, ephemeral, but rather, to Purity, Eternal.

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