Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

December 17, 1979
Text dictated by DR. CELSO, to be sent to the students. He consented that year to the title “The Master’s Word” by our suggestion.

It is with great satisfaction that we have seen the accomplishment of our propositions made in Tela Mental for the year of 1979.

Even though the world scene has become even tenser than in previous years, our students have remained unshaken and lived “a year of complete Happiness”.

1980 presents itself before us with roads where only thorns and steep crags of apparent difficult transposition remain.

This will cause even more anxiety and anguish in the men of our era, driven by these factors. Fear will become the last drop, and when it overflows, it will generate excesses, crimes and greater dissolution of the current aspects of our society.

In search of a solution, some men will take the path of material technology, and some the spiritual path.

A bigger conflict will then be established since one-sidedness – spirit or material technology – will not promote balance. In order to have it, there will be need for the integration of technique and spirit, put in equidistant pans of the scale having as center – man – the coordinator.

This reasoning will be, without doubt, the line of conduct of PRO-VIDA philosophy.

Thus, no matter how great the difficulties men face within the next years, for us they will only serve to promote movement and accelerate the evolution aspects of PRO-VIDA students.

As you can see, we will not adopt the fanatical spiritualists' philosophy or that of the irresponsible materialists, because we know that Truth is in the point of balance.

So much so that in the next year we have organized a veritable training program for the mental development of our students, which will surely lead to the opening of the necessary channels for the understanding of the future. It is clear, then, that we are not clinging to passions, that are ephemeral in their essence, but to Love, that is enduring, balanced and therefore, just.

Many will talk of our insolent conceit, when we bear such testimony of our ideas. However, we can say that it is correct, since we know and have the conviction of where we come from, where we are, and where we are going. And those who may possibly criticize us do not even know where they are.

When all the energy centers are open and even then the generated force is insufficient to pull out the vehicle from the mire, a composition of energies directed to the same end becomes necessary, or the discovery of new energy centers. The ideal, of course, would be the integration of these two aspects.

Wake up! Stop squandering your energies! Have courage and believe in what you feel. Do not let yourself be influenced by the bankrupt Collective Mind. Know that you are the essence of the Whole and that the Truth is within you. Allow us to help you and to uncover your higher potentialities.

It is only the fact that you are our brother in flesh and in spirit, our universal brother, child of the same Father that leads us to this attitude.

Best regards,



Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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