Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981.

October 3, 1981

Everyone has to speak the same language.

(…) A long time ago there was a Tower of Babel, where men started speaking in different languages, for the single language they used to speak led them nowhere, only to the abyss. It was decided to change language and to place, into every one, a life principle.

It is time for all languages to be united once again, but this time in a single direction, discussing personal ideas and the Idea itself, singing the same song, accepted by free-will, in order to achieve the Much Better World, which is our goal. To build a Much Better World and not to destroy the world which someone once built based on a truth, even if relative. Respect, always.

In order to build a Much Better World you only have to follow what you already recognize as right, accomplishing it with courage and putting into action the truth, which is the reason of your life. You just have to follow what you already know to be right, and not go about searching for what is right in order to follow it. A state of vigilance is enough – yes, vigilance – in the sense of not wasting any experience, vigilance so as to benefit from the result of the experiences you go through, and finding in them the point of wisdom inscribed there.

You will then discover the real world, and the unreal world. You will recognize the ephemeral and the transitory. And then you will take a stand and you will discover who you are. You will find out that you are transient, a being in evolution, who needs to manifest himself in order to demonstrate his usefulness.

On that journey towards evolution, what can you do? Help. How? Manifesting. Manifesting what? The knowledge you already have and recognize. Where? In an environment. How? Being useful. In order to be recognized in an environment, you have to be useful, carrying out your function.

(…) Each object, depending on the environment in which it is, may fulfill its usefulness for the environment in which it exists. In this environment it is your part to fulfill your function; and after that you will be, because you will have recognized where you are and for what purpose you are. Do not waste the space-time made available to you trying to understand what you still do not know. You just have to follow what you know is right and not go around searching for what is right in order to follow. Do not interrupt any process in the middle. Close all the circles you have opened.

(…) Everyone needs to speak the same language.

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