Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

December, 1st, 1981

PRÓ-VIDA’s presentation at the Anhembi Palace

I keep on watching your behavior. Congratulations, you have done it! The Universe is happy. A little more Light. One more star that can serve as a guide to the voyagers in infinity. A new source of Life was born in the celestial map. If you knew how many are applauding, your Light emission would fulgurate! Thank you. Congratulations!

However, I have to add that the flame of a candle only lasts as long as the wax fuel offers itself to be consumed. I must also add that the greatest pleasure is achieved when you are wax which is what sustains Light. It’s the Creator that rejoices in His fulgurant creatures.

In a practical way I explain that it would be selfish of you to live in such a happy and cheerful society knowing that you are surrounded by beings that live in darkness. I suggest that you open up your doors, dismantle your fences, dismantle your tents, so that the Light can penetrate the dark spaces of those that surround you. Let this Light beckon and show the Way to those of good will that find themselves prepared. Let them in. To those that do not wish to come, bring them the Light by way of your conducts.

Many suffer, many are the oppressed. For those, we use the Law of the Tithe. This Law is just and generous. It says that you who have worked, you that have a higher brain capacity, show that capacity by keeping 90% of the result of your happiness and give 10%–the Tithe–of the result of your capacity to those who have an impossibility, or a lower capacity and, for that reason, still suffer.

Give 10% of your joy. Give 10% of your happiness. Give 10% of your love. Give 10% of your matter. Give 10% of yourselves. And set aside 90% for the maintenance of the state you have already achieved, which should serve as an Example. Yes, I said Example, so that one day all of you can Be. Yes, I said Be, for the tithe is the prvilege of being in the hands of those who give.



Conceiver and Founder of PRÓ-VIDA

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