Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

February 6th, 1981

How would the world be if everything stayed as in the last moments of a Harmony class? If we could perpetuate that instant for 80, 90 years, the duration of a man’s life on Earth!

How would the world be if we could perpetuate that moment of the 4th Dimension?

How would the world be, if we could perpetuate that moment… for instance, of the giving out of presents of the Secret Friend, when we talk about Friendship?

(…) How would the world be? It would be a Far Better World.

Why? What, then, defined a Far Better World? What defined a Far Better World was what you and those around you felt.

Stop and think about it: How is a Far Better World? The Far Better World is the one that happens when you are extremely free, happy, and those around you also are. Therefore, the Far Better World depends only, and only of you.

(…) How do you achieve a state of a clear conscience? We achieve the state a clear conscience when we see the road, we follow the road that leads straight to the Goal – the Great Goal, which you accepted, which you bought.

I always say: Maybe… maybe there won’t be enough time for you to see the whole world Far Better. But you can have the Far Better World, if you and those who are with you hold on to those moments: after a Harmony class, after the giving out of presents of the Secret Friend, the day of Friendship…!

If you don’t nourish individuality – you as an existing being, you as someone who exists, who is here – you will never achieve that state, that instant. And even then, everything around you will favor that instant. Everything! Life itself will teach you, even through that that is called suffering. But if you are a point that lies in that moment of Harmony, you will automatically keep it away.

Therefore, if you want to avoid suffering, avoid all suffering – and that possibility also exists – you have to live, to amplify those instants of Happiness.


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