Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

May 24, 1981

After pianist Olga Tarlá Silva’s concert at PRÓ-VIDA’s Cultural Center

I think I know what happened in the beginning. I think I know. I think that in the beginning there was no sound. Men could not pick up sound. Men did not have cells that could pick up sound vibrations. And the whole world was a total silence. Not because there was no sound, it is just that men could not pick up sound.

Until when, as millions and millions of years went by, the veils that blocked the ears, the eyes, the cells… started coming out. With the removal of the veils men gradually started hearing the sounds.

When some of the veils of the ears had been nearly removed, man heard the sound of water for the first time. He was amazed with the sound of water, but thought that this was the only frequency that existed, the frequency of the sound emitted by the waters. And man was amazed as he had heard the sound of the waters.

The universe was no longer silent. Man went on, and the veils kept coming out and new frequencies could be picked up.

I believe that at some point man started to hear another frequency, another sound: the sound emitted by the winds. Then man had two sounds: the sound of the waters and the sound of the air, of the wind. Two elements of nature gave man the perception of the Whole he was in. And man thought everything was water, everything was air.

I believe that as time went by, more veils were removed. Then man discovered another sound: the sound that was produced by earth. The sound of earthquakes, the sound of particles… the little sounds, the big sounds, started to be heard. And man then understood that on Earth, where he was, there were other frequencies, with which he could integrate: water, air and earth. Man lived in this triad.

One day, after a long time, man discovered, by the removal of the veils, one more sound: the sound of fire. The salamanders of fire emitted sounds. And man realized: he put together the sound emitted by salamanders, the sound of the gnomes that existed on earth, the sound of the undines that were in the water, and the sound of the elementals that existed in the air. Then man understood that he had removed the veils from his ears. Four frequencies, four worlds that lived in a quaternary plane.

Then man, with these sounds, tried to integrate himself. And man started to produce the first sounds. He tried to imitate the sound of water, tried to imitate the sound of fire, tried to imitate the sound of earth, tried to imitate the sound of air. And after having studied, studied, searched, one day man discovered that he could combine all that, and then he formed the first harmonic ensemble. Music came about. Music came about, the first ensemble, which was the ensemble that was translated by sound, by the integration of the environment he lived in. Man was integrated by the environment, when he heard the total sound of the environment.

This man became differentiated amongst all the others, because he was a man without veils: he was a man who was able to feel the harmony, as he was integrated. This man was called an artist. Time went by and the artist remained as the one with the knowledge of the Whole, for he is the one who is integrated with the Whole.

Artists tried to manifest themselves in the most different ways: some through paintings, others through sculptures, and others with a wide array of instruments.

Some of them made history as they managed, through their hands, and especially through their feeling, to externalize the utmost feeling of the integration they had achieved. They manage to

bring into the relative world all they have within their hearts, all that fountainhead, all that nectar, as if the heart's floodgates had been opened, pouring out the nectar to all of those who are able to feel this sensitivity, and drink from this nectar, the essence of God, in an act of Goodness, in an act of Mercy, in an act of Giving.


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