Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

February 4, 1981

When you are inactive, not working, you are discontented, you become sad, because you are delaying your arrival to the point you want most.

(…) Work is everything. It is everything in the relative, and it is everything in the Absolute. I would say work is the relative life of each one and it is the absolute life of all and of the Whole. Do you know why? Because it is energy. And energy is motion. The Universe is motion. And what makes the motion is work.

Do you want to be happy and joyful all the time? Objectivize. Give your work an objective. Objectivize your work: everything you do, do it having in mind the building of your objective, which is Happiness.

Now, Happiness cannot be achieved only at an individual level, because if you build happiness only for yourself and remain among unhappy people, they will suffocate you. (…) They will destroy your happiness. There is only one way: to eliminate what is evil. In order to eliminate what on the outside is bad, you have to build something good on the outside. Therefore, to achieve happiness at the individual level, means to achieve happiness at the collective level. In other words, it is to build a Much Better World. (…) In every little piece.

Don't be selfish. Do your best to the other and the other will be so pleased, that two, four, six, eight, ten, a hundred, a hundred thousand, a million, millions, the whole world will share the building of a Much Better World – starting from each one. And this is the point of Happiness.

(…) And then, having directed the work and your energy to the point of the objective – the Happiness found not through egoism, but through altruism –, you begin to work on each point, always dedicating it to the Much Better World. (…) You can be sure that you will then be blessed and will have all the graces one can get in the Plane where we live.


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