Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

October 1st, 1981


Question: Why is this the time?

You have a total of knowledge at your disposal here, for this Plane. Well, this total is still not being manifested; this total still does not exist! – Because things only exist when the Word creates.

But the Word is Action! So this Knowledge is the nonexistent that will become existent when manifested.

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? It's here and you have not seen it. If you have not seen it, it is because it does not exist – to you! The day the Word is manifested through your word, when your word is put into action – when you put yourself into action – the nonexistent will be manifested and then it will be existent.

Of all the elements of Knowledge that were gradually incorporated, put into action, manifested, in the beginning coarse vibrations from coarse things were picked up. And now, what is there here? An energy cluster exists, vibrations which are already tuned to others of equal potential, carrying subtler Knowledge, of the same things already manifested. What remains is the Psychic band!

This is why man occupies – and, until now, pre-occupies himself; he is still in a pre phase – with capturing, with calling on these subtler vibrations in order to manifest them, because all of them will have to be existent, and when all of them are existent, there will be paradise manifested .

“You speak and you know not what you say. You see and you know not what you see.”

“Why is this the time?!” Why now? Now it is inexorable! After you remove the sawdust from the surface of the water, you will remove the water. After you remove all the water, you will be able to reach a heavier and deeper body; there is no more sawdust to be removed.

The attraction done here and now, already allows attracting a kind of subtle Knowledge existent for the Plane. When the whole is established – taken – it will manifest itself, the Psychic World will be established in all its potentiality.

And afterwards what will man attract? He will attract the Noetic of the Plane, of what is allowed to the Plane.

Then, it is not because man is satisfied or because man is unsatisfied. It is because, inexorably, he already attracts. It is because the total of Knowledge here, already has a potential that attracts. And it is going to happen.

That is why no one blocks this Law. The law is so. No one stops this law. It is infallible, because Absolute, and the Absolute is infallible.


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