Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981.


October 5, 1981

There are still people who believe in a Better World.

Since the beginning, in human history, many, many men came and made propositions for the improvement of society so as to improve the world, in the attempt of bringing happiness to all. We have observed this.

But it occurred to us that there is a great difference among human beings, and that if we continued trying to make assertions within a truth that would satisfy only a group, only a segment, we would need to pass through every field of knowledge, one by one, for thousands and thousands of years, in order to then bring happiness.

(…) We know we live in a world of differences. Nothing is the same: everything is different.

So, to work with relative things, so as to achieve happiness, would, at least, take a long, long time. So, we have decided to work with the Absolute, that factor that exists in everyone, that is common to all the different.

(…) And so, having also observed that, for a long time in Humanity, man has been basing himself on the premise that “man is a product of the environment”. And having observed that man, encapsulated as he is, joins up and forms families, and families, societies, we have concluded that if he intends to change the environment in order to bring happiness, he won't alter the innermost structure. He will only be able to make changes in the environment if a better man appears – a non-encapsulated man, free, happy. And it is a happy man that makes the environment happy, because the environment is the product of man.

So, if you also intend a Better World, you should know that the work is a work of each one within themselves. Feel what you already know. Use Patience: it sediments. Meditate. Look inside you. Wisdom is knowing yourself. If you recognize your limits, if you recognize your vulnerable points, then you already know where you stand. Do not think man can build a Better World being at the level of the common man. He can't! Thinking the way he does…?! The most he has achieved with his ideas was this world. It takes more!

Therefore, if you want something better, you will have to start by recognizing yourself, observing your vulnerable points, what imprisons you, who you are, what you have been doing, in what environment you go to, who the elements of this environment are, what the elements of the environment you go to are like, who you talk to, how much time you spend talking. Was there any benefit in this time? Or there wasn't any benefit? Did you give something or just take away? Actually, what are you doing in the world?

If you come to the conclusion that it's very little, that is why the world “is very little”. And if you tell yourself that you already know everything, ask yourself if you are everything you know. After all, each one actions what they think.


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