Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

January 18, 1981 (after a donation ceremony of the General Center for the Tithe).

The day the wind gave way to the breeze

Without the knowledge of their own intrinsic nature, the vegetables lived trampled, whipped, and tormented by a sovereign: the wind.

The latter, not even knowing its own limitations, used its maximum quality: the windstorm, and imposed itself. Imitated by its poles, the rain, fire, and earthquakes, out of recklessness, transformed themselves into storms, lightning, volcanoes and earthquakes.

Already abnegated from their inferior situation before such powerful forces, the vegetables lived and died without knowing LIFE.

Forsaken to a perennial plan under the imposition of such forces, they had tried several ways out when it occurred to them the ACTIVE REACTION.

For centuries and centuries they tried to oppose the windstorm and they always ended up wrecked. They tried with the storms, and ended up drenched. From lightning, volcanoes and earthquakes they only got destruction.

However one seed, one day, taken by the windstorm itself, fell close to a willow, and there it grew. Once, during the manifestation of a windstorm it saw the willow bend and get away without a scratch from the destructive force. It transmitted, then, this message to all vegetables, which it called PASSIVE REACTION.

Soon after, no longer having a reason to spend so much energy – and even so not being able to impose itself – the wind stopped whipping up storms and simply started being called a breeze, and understanding the equality of positions in the same territory, it started to distribute caresses, and with that maintain its own existence.

The other forces followed by IMITATION, and the rain turned into drizzle, the fire regulated itself to tender warmth, and the earth embraced all, without further tremors.


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